About Us

The Uganda Parliamentary Forum on Media (UPFM) is a non-partisan organization of Members of Parliament (MPs) with the Speaker of Parliament as its patron. It is located at the Parliamentary Building, Kampala-Uganda in Room E3 16. The Forum was launched on 6th November 2013 at Parliament by the Speaker. The UPFM was born out of the need to have issues of the media and freedom of expression well-articulated on the floor of Parliament.

While it is pertinent for the media to engage with Parliament, the ability of the media and other civil society actors to have influence over Parliament had been complicated by the fact that there was no parliamentary committee that singularly handled issues of media. Some of the issues of concern to the media were handled by the Presidential Affairs Committee, others by the Parliamentary Committee on Information, Communication and Technology (ICT); while the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights also handled issues related to the media and human rights. Whereas most Members of Parliament were not familiar with the issues of concern to the media, advocacy by the media, on the other hand, was too weak to make any progressive impact.

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